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Meet The Team

Anna Hendrix, BSN, RN

Anna Hendrix is CEO of GuardianMedTech, LLC. She is an ER nurse and inventor of GuardianMT, holding multiple U.S. utility patents. Tampa Bay Business Journal included Anna in its September 10, 2021 Top 25 under 25 Entrepreneurs and Disruptors. While Anna was in nursing school, she met a man during her clinical rotations hospitalized multiple times due to medication related issues. He hopelessly explained that he would soon have to choose between his health and his autonomy if he could not better manage his medications. She knew her patients deserved better.

Anna set out to design a system similar to the barcoded electronic medication management systems used in hospitals that would be simple to use and accessible to patients via their smartphone. This system reminds patients to take their medications if needed and provided a reliable form of medication documentation. This data would then be accessible to pharmacists who can identify those most in need of medication management therapy.

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