GuardianMT has a working development application for rapidly templating new arrangements of individually unique QR-codes for manufacturing purposes. These are output to vector-based PDF files which can be die-cut to bottle gasket inserts. Alternatively, they may be imprinted on adhesive labels for development testing, low-volume runs and individualized use.

Template setup UI for GUID QR-Codes
New template are trivial to set up with the heavy-lifting of the encoded and imaging of QR-codes done behind the scenes.
QR-Code Template UI
Templates may be saved and used as progenitors for additional formats.
PDF Output of Vector QR-Codes from GUIDs.
PDFs are all vector-based with extremely small file size and perfect print quality.

Serialization for Unit Dosing

In addition to QR-codes encoding a unique GUID for every single container, unit dosing can be serialized with a master GUID that is used to register a dosing schedule to a series of doses.

Serialization Option

A single master GUID is generated and then serialization values are appended to the end. In the image below, we color the master GUID in blue which is affixed or imprinted to the outside of the package for one-time registration on the mobile app.

Master Code is used to link the GUID with the dosing schedule. Each Dose 1-7 has a dose value appended onto the unique GUID.
GuardianMT blister package Master Code
A master code initializes the scheduling of the medication, prescription or OTC.
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