GuardianScan is a purpose-build utility for medication adherence. In other words, we want you to take your medication on time. GuardianScan is intended to be simple and easy to use….even fun. In general, here are the steps:

  1. Create a medication schedule. This includes the medication name, total doses, start date and frequency.
  2. Link a barcode/QR code to the medication. On the medication container, find a bar code (or affix one we can send you). No information is read off this bar code except to make it unique to that container. That’s it! You are set up.
  3. Now the fun part, scanning! The home screen of the app let’s you know when to take your next dose. Just hit the “scan” button and everything else is automatic.


What if I try to take a dose too early?

GuardianScan will warn you about the early dose.

What if I’ve skipped doses?

GuardianScan will calculate how many doses you skipped or simply did not record. We prompt you for this information so we know whether you are still on track or fell behind on some doses.

Does the application share my information?

No, we do not exchange information over the Internet. All the information you put in, update and tracks stays on the device.

I need to update something in my medication schedule. How do I do this?

From the home screen, click on your medication and then click the edit button. You can change dose frequency, quantity, start date, doses skipped, medication name, etc…

Are there any fees or costs to use this?

No. GuardianScan is a proof of concept with basic but useful functionality. We hope you enjoy using it.

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