Guardianmedtech, LLC develops and publishes medication adherence apps under the brand Guardian Clinical for iOS, Android and desktop devices. Guardian Clinical sets up medication schedules by linking to the UPC or QR code on the medication container.

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Once set up, record each dose by simply scanning the code. There is no further data entry required.  Guardian Clinical’s patented software monitors dose schedules to help avoid missing a dose, taking a dose too early or taking the wrong medication.  Furthermore, scores and “streaks” help motivate you to stay on course and you can share your dose history with family or your medical provider.

Guardian Clinical for iOS, Android and Web

Advantages to Guardian Clinical (GC™) include:

  • secure;
  • easy to use;
  • requires minimal engagement;
  • fun and habit-forming;
  • verifies access to medication;
  • helps prevent overdoses;
  • helps prevent taking the wrong medication; and
  • keeps family and medication providers informed of adherence.
Login screen

Secure Access

GC™ uses SMS, phone-based authentication and security. In fact, it is provided and managed through Google/Firebase. Consequently, rest assured your data is safe.

Easy Operation

Setting up a new dose schedule for GC™ only requires three things: (1) medication name; (2) start date; and (3) dose frequency. GC™ is purpose-built for medication adherence. We do not collect data to sell to third parties nor display ads. All those become distractions from our objective.

Scheduling medications

Minimal Engagement

To record a dose takes only 2 touches of the screen: (1) SCAN; and (2) CONFIRM.  Once the medication schedules are set, you only scan your medications.  No other data entry is needed. This is critical to maintain continued use of the application and improve medication adherence. Less is more.

Adherence scores and consecutive doses (streaks) encourage adherence

Engaging and Habit Forming

We gamified GC™ to encourage continued adherence. Your Adherence Score goes up upon every timely dose and you get extra points when you take your dose close to the target time. In addition, you can develop a Dose Streak by consecutive timely doses.

Scanning of medication for adherence

Verified Access to Medication

Our patented technology is the only of its kind that can verify the patient had access to the medication. Other adherence apps provide no extrinsic validation the user actually had possession of the medication.

Overdose Prevention

Using the GC™, users scan each medication before taking. If the user attempts to take a duplicate dose (overdose) the app warns them.

Warning against overdose.

Improve Medication Accuracy

GC™ provides a unique safety mechanism to protect again taking the wrong medication. Each time a user scans a medication they confirm the medication they are taking.  GC™ will only recommend the dose if it is “on-time” and scheduled. If they attempt to take a dose too early it will warn them as well.

Sharing Adherence Information screen

Adherence Sharing and Following

Share and follow the adherence success of others using GC™’s phone-based sharing. All you need is the phone number of another GC™ user to request access. You can unfollow or unshare at any time. The GC™ Physician Portal allows authorized medication providers to request access to GC™ users for more advanced monitoring, reporting and analysis. The GC™ Physician Portal is a paid subscription product while the GC™ app is free. 

Medication log and graphs

A New Approach

The app marketplace is flooded with medication adherence apps that are no more than calendaring solutions. What is worse, they require so much data entry and relentless questioning the user will eventually give up. Guardian Clinical confirms the patient was present at the medication container and documents that with two clicks of the phone. It is that seamless, ease of use that keeps users engaged and sticking to their medication schedule.

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