How to set up and use Guardian Clinical (end user):

  1. Guardian uses SMS authentication. No passwords are required. Put in your mobile phone number and press the GET CODE button. Within a second or two, you’ll receive a 6-digit code.

    Guardian Clinical - Login Screen

  2. Create a medication schedule entry.

    All it takes is three items: (1) medication name; (2) when you are starting the first dose; and (3) how often you take a dose (e.g., daily, twice a day, etc..).
    Guardian Clinical - Medication Schedule Entry Screen

  3. Scan the code of the medication container.

    Virtually every prescription or over-the-counter container will have a barcode or QR-code. If not, you may order codes from us that are optimized for our software. After you put in your medication information, you are prompted to scan the code. This u0022linksu0022 your medication schedule with the barcode or QR-code. After this link is made, all you need to do is scan the medication each time you take it.
    Guardian Clinical - Linking Code to Medication

  4. Scanning the medication at the right time.

    Guardian Clinical shows your dose schedule on the home screen and will also send you a push notification to your phone (if you authorized them) reminding you to take a dose. Just press the scan button and hold the phone over the code. Everything is automatic.
    Guardian Clinical - Scanning Medication Dose Screen

  5. Schedules and Adherence

    When you launch Guardian Clinical, you will see the full schedule of medications you are taking with the recommended time and date. You will also see a countdown along with metrics like u0022adherence score.u0022 In addition, there is a u0022streaku0022 reward 🔥 for successfully taking consecutive doses on schedule.
    Guardian Clinical - Schedule Screen

  6. Dose History

    Pressing the u0022Logu0022 button at the bottom of the screen or the Adherence Score progress bar at the top will show the dose history. It displays a graph of the Adherence Score along with a list of each individual dose.
    Guardian Clinical - Adherence Score and Activity

  7. Dose Detail

    Clicking on the individual dose from the Log screen will show specific details of each dose including (if authorized) the geographic location where it was scanned. The dose detail screen also explains how adherence scoring was affected by that particular dose. Guardian Clinical - Dose Detail

  8. Sharing and Following

    You can request to follow another Guardian Clinical user. All you need to do is know their phone number. You make a request to follow and they are notified. If they authorize access, you will be able to see their log screen. This is a good option for caregivers and medical professionals. Guardianmedtech offers a sophisticated, desktop version of this following technology for clinical studies, hospitals and physician practices which allows more detailed monitoring and export of the data to other systems.
    Guardian Clinical - Medication Adherence Sharing


How do I create an account?

To create a GuardianClinical account, first download the app from the Apple or Google Play Store. After the app is downloaded, the login screen will appear (as shown below).

Simply enter your phone number and press “get code”

A code will be texted to your phone in just a few moments. Enter this code under “confirmation code” and press “confirm code”

After this, you will be logged into your new account and you can start entering in your medications

How to add and link medications

Add Medication

To add a medication, press the “schedule” icon on the bottom left side of your screen. Once you click on the schedule button, the screen below will appear.

Name your medication and choose a date and time you would like to begin taking your medication

Next, slide the gray circle to the right or left to decrease or increase the time between doses

After you have entered this information, press the blue “save” bar to save your schedule

Once saved, the app will direct you to link to a barcode or QR code

The app will direct you to link your scheduled medication. This is an important step because you will use this code to record each dose. If you are unable to link your code immediately, you can link your medication later by going to the home screen, selecting your medication and pressing the red “Link to Scan Code” code button.

To link your medication, simply scan a barcode on your medication container. A box should pop up that says “Link Code to Medication Schedule?”. Press OK to link this code

You can always change your linked code by clicking on your medication from the home screen and selecting “Link a New Code”

How do I scan my medication?

To record a medication dose, press the blue “Scan Medication Button” at the bottom on the home screen or the scan icon in the bottom toolbar

Then simply scan your medication barcode or QR code to record a dose as taken

How do I share my medication record?

To share your medication record with family or a medical provider, they must first download the Guardian Clinical app and create an account as well.

Next, they should click on the “settings” tab and select “Following Users”

In the top right corner of the screen, press the “+add” button

They can then enter a follow request by adding the phone number of the account they wish to follow.

A request will be sent and will appear on the home screen

When you receive this request press allow to share your record

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